Channel Partner

Get compensated for building the best experience for your retail customer.

Join the XOMNI Channel Partner program and participate in one of the most rewarding partner programs in the industry. No competitive concerns. XOMNI is focused on supporting our platform and you, the Channel Partner.


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Retail Customer

Looking for a Channel Partner? Have your own in-house Design Team?

XOMNI has a diverse ecosystem of Channel Partners, Agencies and Technology Partners we would love to introduce you to. Don’t need any help? Not a problem, we would be happy to work directly with your in-house team.


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Technology Partner

Integrate with our Online Services in the Cloud and expand your reach!

At XOMNI we are always on the lookout for best of breed Technology Partners to integrate for our customers benefit. Do you have an innovative hardware device, software solution or cloud platform? Let’s talk.


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  • phone

    Smart Phones

    Consumer and Associate experiences on Windows Phone, iOS, Droid and HTML5 capable devices.

  • xbox

    Microsoft Xbox

    Reach consumers at home, build wish-lists and foster brand loyalty through rich XBOX applications.

  • tablet

    Tablet Devices

    Consumer and Associate experiences on Windows, iOS, Droid and HTML5 capable devices.

  • PixelSense

    Microsoft PixelSense

    Wow customers with highly interactive social experiences in-store, trade shows and brand destinations.

  • digital signage

    Digital Signage

    Kinect enable your digital signage to create rich social experiences and significantly increase ROI.

  • Social Check In

    Social Check In

    Integrate with Foursquare and Facebook and know when your customers arrive in-store, at trade shows and brand destinations.

  • loyalty

    Loyalty Programs

    Have an existing Loyalty program or want to build one? XOMNI Platform provides the services to do either.

  • store systems

    Store Systems

    Connect to critical retail systems such as POS, inventory management, CRM and Multi-Channel catalogues.

  • cloud

    XOMNI Cloud

    XOMNI Platform is built on Microsoft Azure, Multi-Platform ready and CDN Scaled. REST APIs are standing by…